Hello there, I am Ecem.
I describe myself as a creative yet pragmatic product design leader. I’ve over 8 years of experience designing user-obsessed interactive experiences that make difference.
I believe in forming strong relationships and collaborative enviroment while building products with my team. #Superbrain
For me, a meaningful career is one in which I am always challenged and growing, and always making a difference. I love the process of inventing, defining, designing, and delivering new products and solutions with a growing team.
Currently, I am working as a Director of Product Design at JotForm.
UX Designer
Detail Oriented
Graphic Novel Reader
Digital Illustartion Enthusiast
Dog parent
Micro-Animation Lover
Tools that I love to use:
Some handy products that I love to use more. Some of them get me inspired and design like a pro and some of them help me to move fast and stay productive.
Music that I love to listen:
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